1441200_10200979549720884_872374077_nOh, hello. I’m glad you found me.

I am a writer. I report. I blog. I tweet. I am obsessed with words, whether they are in long-form narratives or 500-word (and SEO friendly!) posts.

I am currently covering politics for DecodeDC, a product of Scripps News’ Washington, D.C. bureau. Occasionally I peek outside of the Beltway to contribute music criticism and TV recaps to The Austin Chronicle and Entertainment Weekly. Politics can get dark, y’all.

I parlayed my coding experience and severe social media addiction into my former position as the digital managing editor for Vox city magazine. I’m always in the process of polishing my web-language chops.

On the off chance I’m not creating content, I enjoy cooking, running and letting everyone know that I’m from Texas.


You may have seen me in…